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Demi Hart to Hart Stills

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JB LVATT (CD & DVD Special Edition Fan Pack)

31. října 2009 v 21:13 | KikusQa |  News
Special Features:
MP3 player 'Sock'
3 bracelets
Laminate and lanyard
Exclusive photo shoot video montage
Jonas Brothers questions and answers
Jonas Brothers talk you through the album
Paranoid (Music Video)
Paranoid - The Making Of
Paranoid (Karaoke Version)
Fly With Me (Music Video)
Fly With Me (Karaoke Version)
Track List:
World War III
Fly With Me
Poison Ivy
Hey Baby
Before The Storm
What Did I Do To Your Heart
Much Better
Black Keys
Don't Charge Me For The Crime
Turn Right
Don't Speak
Keep It Real
Paranoid (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
Paranoid (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) (Bonus Track)
Fly With Me (Digital Dog Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)